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The Role of the Liver in Hormonal Health

Presenter: Dr. Annette Kutz Schippel
Event Date: Tuesday, June 1st
Event Time: 6:00pm to 7:00pm CT
Credit Hours: 0
Registration Fee: Free

It is easy to separate different organs and systems in the body and believe that they act independently of each but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The body is a dynamic interacting system and when it comes to hormone production and balance, there is definitely more than the gonads involved!

The thyroid, adrenals, GIT and the liver influence hormone health in different ways. The liver plays a key role because it is the site of hormone conversion and elimination.

Dr. Annette will discuss how the liver regulates hormones and what it looks like when it isn’t keeping up. She will look at key supplement, both herbal and whole food based, that supports the livers job and will improve patient outcomes.

Join Dr. Annette Kutz Schippel as she takes a dive into the liver and its role in achieving optimal hormone health.


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About The Presenter

Dr. Annette Kutz Schippel graduated from Logan University in 1998. Her passion for phytotherapy and functional nutrition has led to a large family practice. Dr. Schippel’s reputation has brought her a continuing flow of patients from across not only the U.S., but other countries as well. Her expertise in functional medicine has contributed to the success of her wholistic practice, and has allowed her to become a very respected educator and speaker.

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