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March + April: Focus on Seasonal Stressors

Schedule time with us to go over all the great resources in our monthly focus on natural allergy responses. We have a marketing pack that you can use for social media educational campaigns.

March + April: Focus on Seasonal Stressors2021-03-10T08:10:34-06:00

The Digestion Cascade

Join Dr. Jay Robbins to learn how upstream nutrient deficiencies cause an array of downstream digestive problems. Receive simple protocols with education pieces.

The Digestion Cascade2021-03-12T09:32:20-06:00

Blood Sugar Balance & Rescue Plan

Join Dr. Bob Scott for his insights on blood sugar. Out of range blood sugar can impair immunity, digestion, and nerve health. Learn how to rescue your blood sugar patients with rebuilding protocols.

Blood Sugar Balance & Rescue Plan2021-03-12T09:21:13-06:00

Pain & Inflammation

Join Dr. Dave Hogsed, DC to learn protocols and strategies to help resolve pain + inflammation cases. Learn how to build protocols for short + long-term care..

Pain & Inflammation2021-03-12T09:21:55-06:00

Thyroid & Adrenal Superstars

Join Dr. Dave and Dr. Annette as they dive into the nutrients and herbs for optimal function of these two glands. They will break down how to choose the right support in a fun and energetic presentation you won’t want to miss!

Thyroid & Adrenal Superstars2021-05-12T15:37:14-05:00

Parotid PMG

Join Dr. Lowell Keppel to learn how the parotid gland can enhance your clinical outcomes with endocrine issues.

Parotid PMG2021-06-14T08:08:32-05:00

February: Focus on Cardiovascular Health

Schedule time with us to go over all the great resources in our monthly focus on cardiovascular health. We have amazing resources from Standard Process, MediHerb, Wholistic Matters and more.

February: Focus on Cardiovascular Health2021-01-28T16:24:26-06:00
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