“Synthetic vitamins are to whole food-derived vitamins what a robot is to a living man.” Dr. Royal Lee, Founder of Standard Process

Getting Started In-Service

Find out why we are devoted to integrating Plants in your Practice!

We love working with farmers, educators, researchers, marketers, and clinicians to help deliver incredible outcomes and solve last-chance cases. We believe that the future of healthcare is already here and it’s natural, evidence-based, involves correct species and parts of plants. The future of healthcare is using functional foods and potent herbs. Let’s sit down and learn from each other as we push healthcare forward.


During Your “Getting Started” In-Service Appointment:

  1. We will make sure that your account is setup and that you understand how to use the website and patient direct platform.
  2. We can spend time on understanding the Standard Process and MediHerb philosophies and rich history.
  3. We will pinpoint the products and continuing education that best fits your practice goals.
  4. We will provide a brief overview of the products and education that are available to you and your staff.
  5. We will provide product overviews on “Foundational” products such as General Nutrition Packs, Digestive Enzymes and Herbs, and Acute Immune Health.

Here’s a photo of Karl and Kristina at the Missouri Botanical Garden.

“I cannot wait for you to meet my family! We are working together to pay tribute to past educators, creators, and amazing clinicians in our territory. We work hard and sacrifice our time and energy because we are passionate about what we believe in. We hope to share our excitement about these products and services with you and your staff,” says Karl Schippel, Founder of SP of Iowa and Missouri.

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We believe that the path to full and complete health begins with proper nutrition.



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