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Our team of sales and support specialists is here to inform, educate, and help you grow your functional healthcare practice. We work hand-in-hand with clinicians in Iowa and Missouri to deliver incredible support with our whole food and herbal products. Schedule an in-service office training, review product ingredients, or find out what we can offer.

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Dr. Karl Schippel

Owner of SP of Iowa and Missouri, Authorized Representative for Standard Process and MediHerb

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Meet The Team

Dr. Karl Schippel

SP of Iowa and Missouri, Owner
phone: (314) 449-5338

After graduating from Logan Collegeof Chiropractic in 1998, Karl opened a chiropractic clinic in Jacksonville, Illinois, with his wife, Dr. Annette Schippel.Nutrition was a big part of our practice, and Standard Process and MediHerb products were far and away the most effective. A work-related shoulder injury in 2009 left him unable to practice as a chiropractor. After reconstructive surgery, he used Standard Process and MediHerb products to support recovery. Karl’s progress surprised all his medical practitioners.

He began working as an associate sales representative in southern and central Illinois and then succeeded beloved retired Representative Huge St, Onge. His goal is to help all practitioners achieve their nutritional and business objectives. He is committed to providing tools and resources needed to assist offices, from product knowledge to procedures for implementing nutrition.

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Kristina Ginn

Standard Process of Missouri, Associate Sales Consultant
phone: (314) 518-9002

Kristina is from a family of chiropractors (Mother, Dr. Doris Kutz-Compton and Aunt, Dr. Annette Schippel) that are National educators for Standard Process and MediHerb. Kristina has been using the products since she was a child. Kristina has had a diverse career ranging from sales to cell phone tower technician. With the birth of her newest child, Kristina decided that scaling up hundred foot towers was no longer the best way to make a living and is truly happy to cover Missouri as the Standard Process and MediHerb field rep.

She is excited to learn about successes of doctors in the field and to further her understanding of the products and protocols. Kristina is up to the challenge of balancing work and home life. She is making regular rounds in your area, so feel free to call, text or email her to get something in the books.

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Nick Schippel

SP of Iowa and Missouri, Covering Iowa
phone: (515) 322-3383

Nick since birth has been adjusted and fed a whole food diet from being the child of chiropractic parents. Growing up in this lifestyle, feeling and seeing the impact of whole food nutrition personally, lead him to choose this career.

Nick with 7 years of experience being the Nutrition Consultant for New Jersey and Iowa. After 2 years on the east coast, being a Midwesterner, Nick is excited to get back to his roots. He continues to educate on Standard Process and MediHerb to bring more awareness to the population of how health care professionals can help. While not working or studying he enjoys yoga, hiking, and snowboarding & skiing.

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We believe that the path to full and complete health begins with proper nutrition.



We are the authorized Standard Process and MediHerb support team for Iowa and Missouri. Click Here to find your local field rep by zip code or city.