Credit Hour Information

We offer many accredited events from trusted educational institutions and state associations. We will do our best to update this page after our events so that you will have a resource for your continuing education credits. We are always looking for new healthcare organizations to support, contact us to explore getting CMEs for your discipline.

2019 Accredited Events

DateSpeakerState/HoursAccredited InstitutionCity
2/9-10/19Sarah Outlaw, MH, MSACN12 MO, IA, ILICS (IA), MBCE (MO), NYCC, NCCAOMSt. Louis, MO
3/9/19David Hogsed, DOM, AP8 IA, IL, MOICS (IA), MBCE (MO), NYCC, NCCAOMDes Moines, IA
4/13-14/19Annette Schippel, DC12 MO, IL, IAICS (IA), MBCE (MO), NYCC, NCCAOMSt. Louis, MO
4/27/19Doris Kutz-Compton, DC &

Dan Johnston, MD

5/4/19Jen Franco, CN8 MO, IA, ILICS (IA), MBCE (MO), NYCC, NCCAOMBettendorf, IA
9/14/19Michael Gaeta, DAC8 MO, IA, ILICS (IA), MBCE (MO), NYCC, NCCOMSt. Louis, MO
10/19/19Davis Brockenshire, DC8 IA, IL, MOICS (IA), MBCE (MO), NYCC, NCCAOMBettendorf, IA
12/7/19Gerald Roliz, CNC, MBA8 IA, IL, MOICS (IA), MBCE (MO), NYCC, NCCAOMDes Moines, IA

2018 Accredited Events

DateSpeakerState/HoursAccredited InstitutionCity
2/24/18David Hogsed, DOM, AP8 MO, IL, IAICS (IA), MBCE (MO), NYCC, NCCAOMSt. Louis, MO
4/14-15/18Annette Schippel, DC12 IA, IL, MOICS (IA), MBCE (MO), NYCC, NCCAOMDes Moines, IA
4/21/18John Bennett, DC8 MO, IL, IAICS (IA), MBCE (MO), NYCC, NCCAOMSt. Louis, MO
6/23/18Ronda Nelson, PhD, MH8 MO, IL, IAICS (IA), MBCE (MO), NYCC, NCCAOMSt. Louis, MO
10/20/18Berris Burgoyne, BHSc, ND8 MO, IL, IAICS (IA), MBCE (MO), NYCC, NCCAOMSt. Louis, MO
9/15-16/18Sarah Outlaw, MH, MSACN12 MO, IL, IAICS (IA), MBCE (MO), NYCCDes Moines, IA

2017 Accredited Events

DateSpeakerState/HoursAccredited InstitutionCity
9/30/17Luke Ballenger, DC8 MOMBCESt. Louis, MO
10/14/17Luke Ballenger, DC8 IA, IL, MN, MOICS (IA), NYCC, MBCE (MO), MBCE (MN)Des Moines, IA
11/11/17Annette Schippel, DC8 MO, IL, IAMBCE (MO), NYCC, NCCAOM,  ICS (IA)St. Louis, MO

2016 Accredited Events

DateSpeakerState/HoursAccedited InstitutionCity
2/20/16Luke Ballenger, DC8 IA, IL, MOICS (IA), NYCC, NCCAOM, MBCE (MO)St. Louis, MO
3/5/16Michael Gaeta, DAc, MS, CDN8 IA, IL, MOICS (IA), NYCC, NCCAOM, MBCE (MO)Bettendorf, IA
4/16/16David Hogsed, DOM8 IA, IL, MONYCC, ICS (IA), MBCE (MO)Bettendorf, IA
6/11/16Luke Ballenger, DC7 MOMBCE (MO)St. Louis, MO
10/8/16Luke Ballenger, DC8 IA, IL, MOICS (IA), NYCC, NCCAOM, MBCE (MO)Des Moines, IA
10/22/16Ronda Nelson, PhD8 IA, IL, MONYCCO’Fallon, IL
11/5/16Annette Schippel, DC8 IA, IL, MONYCCMoline, IL
11/19/16Luke Ballenger, DC7 MOMBCE (MO)St. Louis, MO

Credit FAQ’s

Here are the most commonly asked questions we receive for our accredited events.

What will you receive from SP of Iowa and Missouri (INC)?

After the event you will receive a certificate of attendance to maintain for your records. If you are an acupuncturist, you will receive a certificate of attendance for NCCAOM credits. For Illinois practitioners, we do not send transcripts as these are provided by the accrediting institution (such as NYCC).

Please Note: During our peak season, it may take us 2-3 weeks to process these materials. Please be patient.

How can I receive my transcript from NYCC?

Once we submit the event information that includes your License Number Documents and sign-in/sign-out forms, you will be emailed a transcript from NYCC if it has approved the program. Only WI requires an approval code (CHI#).

Certificates of Completion, or “transcripts” are made available after college sponsored education seminars and most co-sponsored seminars. These transcripts are provided at no charge. NYCC complies with all State Boards that require notification be sent directly from the college. The transcript reflects the credits earned by your attendance. The transcript is signed by The Dean of Postgraduate Department.

Transcripts can be resent to you by NYCC by calling the Post-Grad department by calling (800) 434-3955 or using the online form: Replacement wall certificates (for applicable programs only) are $15.00.

Please Note: Be consistent with your email and name (do not use nicknames) that you use to register for our events. If you change your email or are being inconsistent with it, your hours may not reflect your attended events.

What do you need for CE’s in Iowa?

The Bureau of Professional Licensure in Iowa does not pre-approve continuing education providers or programs. It is the responsibility of the attendee to determine if the programs meet the requirements of their professional licensure board.
In the event of an audit, the licensee must present to the board an individual certificate of completion of the course from the sponsor, along with program content, objectives, presenter’s vitae, and location.

What do you need for CE’s in Missouri?

The Missouri State Board of Chiropractic Examiners reviews formal continuing education courses for approval. Upon completion of an approved course, a certificate must be issued to each licensee that includes the Missouri approval number, category approved and number of hours licensee attended the seminar.
The Missouri State Board does not maintain a licensee’s information regarding CE completion. The licensee must maintain full and complete records of all continuing education credits.

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