Packing It Out, Setting the Standard

Learn why Seth Orme and his friends are cleaning up America’s Favorite Trails with help from Standard Process Products.

Packing It Out, Setting the Standard

Learn why Seth Orme and his friends are cleaning up America’s Favorite Trails with help from Standard Process Products.

“When we visited the (Standard Process) farm and manufacturing plant in Palmyra, WI, an area that is known for its nature, hiking, camping, and biking, I thought to myself that these are people who get it, that understand the importance of nutrition. The plant is so close to the farm, they are taking the right steps. I don’t know of another company doing nutrition this way,” says Seth Orme, Founder of Packing it Out.

Here’s a picture of Seth from 2014. Learn more about Seth and his mission here.

“The conversation started as Jeff West (our Standard Process Rep) sat down with David A. Orme, my late Father, an amazing doctor who practiced in Moline, IL, but tragically died from a snowmobile accident in Northern Wisconsin in December of 2016,” shares Seth. Seth’s mission is to inspire others by attempting audacious cleanup efforts. “My dad, who recommended Standard Process (SP) to patients for over 30 years, told Jeff about our plan to Hike the Pacific Crest Trail. Jeff offered to sponsor the trip with SP products along the way. He also graciously offered to do the same for our 4,700-mile bike trip across the country.”

Abby who biked alongside Seth during the Leave It Better Tour reveals that on the outside Seth seems put together and it looks like he’s this happy-go-lucky guy. The stress of his father passing amidst planning the trip this past year was a tough mental challenge for Seth. Remembering the big picture vision kept Seth going; When asked why he was cleaning up incredibly long treks Seth said, “I hope to inspire people to help keep our wild areas beautiful. When you are walking, hiking, or riding around, I hope people simply pick up a piece of trash. I hope to lead by example, inspiring enough people that we [Packing It Out] don’t need to exist anymore. We all just do it ’cause we care.”

Seth grew up on Standard Process; “I had been taking SP since I was born. I went through a period where I strayed away from it (Standard Process), for instance when we hiked the Appalachian Trail a couple years ago. When we did the Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada the following year I was much stronger, more dialed in, with no injuries and less soreness when we took the Ligaplex II and SP complete Powder.”

What could be better for a morning routine than a SP Health Pack and a cup of Joe?

Reflecting on the trip and products he was using, “This year we biked across the country over 4,700 miles! We took the Ligaplex II along with the packs that included The General Nutrition Pack, The Adrenal Pack, The Bone Pack, and Vanilla and Chocolate SP powders. Holy cow! Why did I ever stop using it (Standard Process)? It is a must-have for a long, 5-month long trip.”

That's a wrap, Seattle! Yesterday, we packed 242 pounds of trash out of Ravenna Park with @seattletrailsalliance to finish out our city tour. . 1 steel trailer. 2 steel bikes. 4 tired legs. 9 total tires. 11 @rei presentations and cleanups. 18 beautiful states. 2100 pounds of trash removed. 4500 miles cycled. Too many laughs and flat tubes to count... . It has truly been a one of a kind, wild ride. If you want to see America, if you want to meet people, if you want to fall in love with your country again.... go on a long bike ride. I have received more kindness on this trip than I thought possible. . A huge thankyou to all the people and companies who supported this vision and helped make it happen! @rei @thegearjunkie @granitegear @sierradesigns @astralfootwear @zealoptics @purely_elizabeth @kleankanteen @lunasandals @darntoughvermont @standardprocess @wildconfluence . We'll be heading on out to the coast and will be taking a break from Packing It Out for a little while. We'll still be out trying to #leaveitbetter in our scenic places, and we think you should too. 📸: @colin_arisman

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Seth is currently planning another cleanup effort in 2019, “We are taking this next year to focus on building our homestead, complete with a terraced garden and some chickens on a piece of property right outside Asheville, NC. We are continuing to take the (Standard Process) products and live off the land with a minimal impact on our surrounding environment.” Watch the film down below and contact us to see how to use SP with your outdoor recreation enthusiasts.

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