Protein Powerhouse Smoothie

Digestive Rebuilding Smoothie for Protein Dominant Types

#functionalfoods for the Protein Intolerant Individual

This protein rebuilding smoothie is rich and creamy like a shake but packs more nutrient density per calorie, unlike your typical ice cream treat. Filled with plant-based proteins and enzyme-rich fruit, this sweet chocolate blend is designed to support the optimal break down of proteins into usable amino acids.

Protein-rich food helps you rebuild your body’s tissue, and provides tons of nutrients to get you through the day. If you are not fully digesting protein, then you may develop thyroid problems and cellulite over time. If you cannot derive amino acids through proper protein digestion, then you run the risk of getting them from your soft tissues (butt, thighs, skin, and organ tissue). As a protective measure, your body will slow down metabolism (basil metabolic rate) until your protein digestion is back on track.

Are you digesting dietary protein well enough?

Undigested protein stinks! Literally. Leaving undigested protein in the stomach is comparable to leaving chicken scraps in the garbage overnight. It may sound funny, but you can use your nose to understand how well you are digesting your protein. We’re talking about that “let’s move to another room” type of gas.

In addition to foul smelling gas, painful heartburn, lower intestinal bloating, difficulty sleeping, and painful cramping are symptoms you may experience if you have trouble digesting protein. Protease enzymes are responsible for breaking protein down into simpler peptides (amino acids). When these necessary digestive enzymes aren’t present, the protein you eat can rot in your stomach leading to chronic digestive diseases like peptic ulcers, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), parasites, and leaky gut.

Nutty flavors of almond milk and butter pair perfectly with sweet chocolate and fig.


Protein Powerhouse Smoothie

“For those with protein digestion issues.”

Yield: 2 Smoothies


The Protein Powerhouse Smoothie includes nutrient dense kale greens, easy to digest chocolate vegan protein powder, and enzyme rich figs. Pairs nicely with Zypan, Enzycore, and Digest Forte.


  • 1 cup almond milk (or raw coconut water)
  • 2-3 scoops of SP Veg-E Complete Pro Chocolate
  • 1 cup frozen blackberries (about 8 berries)
  • 2-3 TBSP almond butter
  • 2 figs
  • 2 cups kale (2 big leaves)

Special Notes

Some found that the Chocolate powder was a little too sweet. If this is the case for you, adjust the almond butter and chocolate powder ratios based on your liking.

Ingredients with Powerful Purpose

You may be surprised we are recommending you drink a protein smoothie after learning you have trouble digesting proteins. Allow us to explain…

Proteins are a vital macronutrient for building and repairing all muscle tissue, neurotransmitters, and DNA so we definitely don’t want to scale back on protein intake. Instead, we can focus on making sure your body can fully digest these proteins, absorb the nutrients and make use of the amino acids found in protein.

Choose a high-quality protein that provides all nine essential amino acids at recommended levels for a complete protein profile. We recommend the Veg-E Complete Protein because the blend of organic pea, pumpkin seed, and sesame seed provide 15g of vegan protein and a complete amino acid profile. It’s sweetened with coconut and monk fruit and thickens the smoothie for that shake-like consistency.

Almond Butter

Almond butter makes any smoothie a little more delectable with its creamy consistency and it offers 7g of protein in 1 serving (2 TBSP). If that’s not enough to get you aboard the almond butter train, check out these nutrients you’ll find inside an almond: riboflavin, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium,  iron, and Vitamin E (essential for heart health, brain function, skin health, blood sugar levels). The skin of almonds contains probiotic components that help with digestion, detoxification, and healthy bacterial growth.

Unfortunately, the skin also contains inhibitors that can degrade digestive enzymes and need to be soaked, also known as sprouted. Sprouted almond butter is almost double the price. It is cheaper and more effective to buy raw almonds by the pound. Soak a 1/2 cup at a time overnight then throw the nuts into your high-speed blender.1,2

Why Kale?

Kale is a bitter food that will help stimulate the protein enzyme production. Kale is also extremely nutrient dense, second only to turnip greens. We encourage you to try Turnip Greens in this smoothie, we really enjoyed it’s buttery texture.


Figs are a key player when it comes to breaking down proteins into smaller peptides. Figs are filled with proteolytic enzymes, known as ficin, that aid in the breakdown of proteins.3 Without this ingredient (or help from a digestive enzyme supplement), your body may struggle to break down and absorb the quality proteins from the almond butter and Veg-E Complete Pro.


Blackberries are rich in polyphenols, which are effective in reducing inflammation and oxidative stress associated with undigested protein. Research shows that blackberries reduce oxidative stress created by nitric oxide, helping also to aid against cardiovascular disease. Blackberries can also reduce blood glucose level.

In Conclusion

If you have protein symptom patterns, this smoothie may be beneficial to you. Consult a functional digestion specialist for additional HCL and enzyme promoting supplement and herbal plan if you exhibit any additional symptoms. 

1) Zhou, Jin R., and John W. Erdman Jr. “Phytic acid in health and disease.” Critical Reviews in Food Science & Nutrition 35, no. 6 (1995): 495-508.
2) Bohn, Lisbeth, Anne S. Meyer, and Søren K. Rasmussen. “Phytate: impact on environment and human nutrition. A challenge for molecular breeding.” Journal of Zhejiang University Science B 9, no. 3 (2008): 165-191.


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