Controlling Seasonal Stressors: Put Pollen in its Place!

More than 50 million Americans experience various types of allergies each year. Your allergy handling system is comprised of mucous membranes, mast cells and liver clearance. If your immune system is weak, then it releases too much histamine leading to symptoms such as itchy skin and eyes, runny nose, scratchy throat and low energy. Let’s learn more how your immune system works.

Natural Approaches to Allergies

Healthy Mucous Membranes

Located in your nose and lungs, this membrane is your first line of defense. 

Strong Mast Cells

Immune cells that use histamine to remove foreign particles like pollen.

A Fit Liver

Detoxifying organ that removes histamine through urine or stool.

Learn More About Healthy Allergic Response

Use this handout to better understand how to support your immune system. 

Download the Handout

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